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Greece is a blessed country with one of the most beautiful and stunning scenery on the planet. With a variety of landscape unique in the world, an extensive  coastline and nearly 6000 islands , with thousands of years of civilization and hundreds of places  with excellent beaches, bright blue seas, fertile valleys, gorgeous green landscapes, mountains, forested ravines, turbulent rivers, with ageless history, an incredible profusion of cultural monuments, gracious ancient ruins, Greece has interests to fill years of travel.

It is an inspiring destination, with unsurpassed natural beauty ,unique for its richness of flora and fauna from the untamed mountains and the dramatic gorges of the North to the palm groves of the South.

It is the place where  the 12 gods of Olympus lived, the place that gave birth to Democracy during  the Classical period of Athens , the place of Alexander the Great , the birthplace of the Olympics, the place where the cradle of Christianity  Mount Athos is.

The ancient Greeks occupy a prominent place in conceptions of western culture and identity . Generations of influential scholars and writers view Hellenic culture as the uniquely essential starting point for understanding and a source of much that is esteemed  in western culture : democracy , philosophy , tragedy , epic and lyric poetry , history writing , aesthetic sensibilities , art , ideals of athletic competition   and more.

The rich history and traditions, the famous mediterranean climate and the renowned hospitality of its people complement the elements that attract visitors from around  the world.