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Halkidiki,  is easily accessed by many motorways mainly from the city of Thessaloniki and its international airport Macedonia. The communities range from the coastal  villages  with  small gardens full of flowers to the larger market towns and resorts with all the infrastructure that makes Halkidiki a world famous mainly summer destination . It is a regional unit of Greece , part of the region of Central Macedonia. It  is resembling a hand with three ”fingers” , a triple-fingered peninsula , reminiscent of Poseidon΄s  trident , located between  the Thermaikos and Strymonikos Gulf  in northern  Greece , that   juts out into the Aegean Sea. The three peninsulas are named Kassandra  ,Sithonia and AgionOros.

The Kassandra peninsula, to the west, is best known for its extended sandy beaches, which are framed by emerald hills, overlooking to the west the mount Olympus .It is a beloved destination for families with small children , water sports lovers and also with an enchanting night life .

The next peninsula, Sithonia, is wilder and more rugged, with secluded little coves of golden sand , where  mountains merge with the sea, virgin forests extend over the whole landscape , where  the blue of the sea and the  green of the forest gather in the magic of colors and hues .

Lastly ,  Agion Oros ,   the  easternmost of Halkidiki’s peninsulas, in it΄s southern area  the autonomous monastery  state of  Holy Mount Athos  is standing (Known to the Greeks as the Garden of the Virgin ), in an untouched nature environment ,  a land of monasteries , perched on steep slopes , lost among a lush green landscape overlooked by  the impressive conical peak of  Athos (2.033 m ) . This monastery state is a unique living Christian monument unchanged  by the passing of time , a tribute to  the Byzantine culture.

In the mainland the landscape is mainly mountainous , covered with rich in flora and fauna  forests studded with clearings and meadows of wildflowers and aromatic plants. The northern mountainous scenery is dominated by the  Holomontas (1165m ) and  Stratonikos (913m) mountains and Athos (2033m).Nature lovers, wishing to get more acquainted with the mountainous part of Chalkidiki can follow the innumerous mountain trails (like route 16 , 17 , 18 ) and paths .

Halkidiki has significant palaeological and historical interest .The oldest indications of human civilization in the European area were found here   in the Petralonacave , where the Neanderthal man lived. Extensive settlements have been foundelsewhere  in the greater area .  There are also certain references of the region  in the greek mythology .Its  mineral wealth (mainly gold and silver) ,  the dense forests attracted many greek settlers The first greek settlers came from the cities of Chalcis (thus the name )  and Eretria (from the island of Evia , in the Aegena sea ) around the 8th century bc . As many as forty cities are mentioned in the ancient greek history  likeAkanthos , Appolonia , Afytos , Kallithea , Mendi , Olynhtos , Sanny ,Potidea , Toroni and Stageira (the birthplace or the Aristotelis philosopher ). Remnants of these cities can be seen in archaeological sites all over Halkikdiki while the most prominent findings are exposed mainly in the Thessaloniki archaeological museum .