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Kastoria is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece , in the region of West Macedonia ,situated on a promontory projecting into lake Orestiada , a natural monument of beauty , surrounded by imposing mountains, named after the Greek mythology hero Kastor, the son of Zeus.

It is a town someone can   visit  throughout  the year , not only for tourism but also for making business mainly in the fur industry and trade . Also the tourism sector has a tremendous potential   due to the natural beauty of the area and it΄s cultural heritage .

The fur trade has always played a significant role in the economy of the city  which flourished due to  this  trade during the 19th century .  The fur trade has nowadays established  Kastoria as an international fur center that dominates   the local economy along with the growing touristic industry . Wander around the old neighbourhoods of Doltsó and Apozári, and admire the 19th century grand mansions with the typical Macedonian architectural style (three-storey buildings with large windows and enclosed balconies), owned by the rich fur traders of  giving the city it΄s characteristic romantic look together with the narrow streets ,the churches and the view to the surrounding lake.

Kastoria is an important religious center for the Greek Orthodox Church with over 40 Byzantine and Medieval churches built throughout the city literally in every  crossroad .

The city is in a center of a region with a unique natural environment  , lakes with high biodiversity and endemic species  ,high mountains with well organized winter sports resorts, picturesque villages, historical and pre-historic antiquities , churches and monasteries .

The   newly constructed motorway called Egnatia  (Trans – European Network) that crosses the Region, along with its two vertical National Roads, form a network that has dramatically improved the transport conditions and accessibility  in the region It is just 142km from Thessaloniki while the towns of Ioannina , Kozani , Grevena , Florina and the Albanian border  are practically nearby .

There is also an airport mainly for domestic and chartered flights (mainly from Russia).