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Medical Services

We hope that you’ll enjoy your vacation and stay in Greece without any sudden health problems . Don’t worry , if that happens  just contact with us and we will arrange for immediate medical attendance by experienced and high-qualified doctors or for – in case of need– the transportation to the best clinic in the area .

It’s also possible to organize any kind of medical treatment or examination in the best  private Greek and European clinics situated in Greece . Cost savings are significant. In fact in certain medical treatments and examinations we can prove to you  that you will be able to travel and have your preferable treatment  at a fraction of the price that you would pay elsewhere for the same services . Doctors are trained at the best Western medical schools and use the most advanced medical equipment  .The service is excellent and you will get velvet-glove treatment.

If you are healthy and fit to travel, then you can benefit from combining  a recovery period at a city or island resort with  extra  days of relaxation.