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Property Management

You have arranged  to travel to your beloved  house in Greece , with your family and friends when you suddenly realize that you have lost your keys . You also wonder is everything in order at your house .  The weather forecast announces a very warm summer so is the air conditioning working properly?  Are your car and yacht ready for use?

These  small pitfalls of everyday life  can turn out to be bothering. House owners and tenants know just how much time, effort and hassle it takes to deal with such problems .

How convenient it would be  to have someone to attend all these little but essential things.

Just rely on us , we can become your trusted and responsible service agent who will do everything necessary to solve these  issues . The required craftsmen or service providers will be sent out quickly to check ,  maintain or   repair  everything needed according to a round the year schedule   or  upon your phone call / email  necessity – even on weekends .

We can also take care of your car and yacht (parking, tax payment, maintenance works etc).