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Traditional style villa building , Ierissos , Halkidiki €475,000


This building is situated within the village of Ierissos and stands  a fine example of the traditional local architectural style where the stone and wood from chestnut  are masterfully combined by the best craftsmen to give this impressive outcome. It is a  building that comprises a basement , two floors 150 sqm each and an 80 sqm attic in a total plot of 480 sqm . According to the building license , upon completion,  it will contain four luxurious apartments ( two in the first and two in the second floor which incorporate 40 sqm of the attic each ) or two maisonnettes , garden and garage .

At present stage the exterior part , the door and window frames as well as internal laminated floors have been completed and an amount of € 70 – 100.000 is required to complete the building .

In this condition the building is offered at a surprisingly low price and gives the potential buyer the flexibility to make any necessary changes according to his investment plan thus to use it as a boutique hotel or for  rental purposes or turn it into a fine residence.

Price per maisonette : 475000 euros

Price for the whole building : 950000 euros

Nearby you can enjoy the beautiful coarse sandy  beach of Ierissos that stretches alongside the eastern part of the village . If you enjoy walking you can relax yourself wandering down the beach until the famous shipyard to the south that still produce boats of fine craftsmanship or to the north to the famous Kakoudia beach .

Ierissos is a beautiful, well structured, coastal  village ,  build near the ruins of the ancient city of Acanthus ,  administrative center of the  Stagira-Akanthos municipality , situated in the third peninsula of Halkdiki , an area rich in history and with outstanding natural beauty , not to mention the innumerous  beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and near the boundaries of the Holy Mount Athos monastery state . Due to its port it is the main gate for visiting this state which is considered the center of Eastern Christian Orthodox Monasticism , a treasury that houses and guards in its monasteries many artefacts and monuments of religion , with national and artistic value .

For all these above mentioned reasons it is easily understood why the area of Ierissos is considered a true revealing touristic destination worthwhile to be included in your investment plan.

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