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Serifos island , Cyclades

Serifos is situated in the complex of Cyclades islands , in the center of the  Aegean Sea, south of Kythnos and northwest of Sifnos. It is a part of the Milos regional unit. The area is 75.207 km2 and the population was 1.420 at the 2011 census dealing mainly with tourism , agriculture and fishing business . The distance from  Piraeus is 73 nautical miles .

Nobel awarded poet Odysseas Elytis in his effort to describe the beauty and the magnitude of the scenery has said that ‘ facing Serifos crest , the guns of the great theories misfire ‘ At first sight, the landscape is one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades, a scenery with steep slopes of  daunting massif  dotted with whitewashed houses .There are as many as 72 beaches with sand or colorful pebbles which bear few, if any, footprints – just as in the old days .

Serifos has managed to retain its authentic charm, low-key profile and laid-back ambience. The food has retained its  homemade  quality , chickpea soup (“revythada”) with rosemary is the local specialty but also look for seafood and sausages

The island , has a rich prehistoric and historic background mainly because of its once rich iron ores and that is why it was then  called the ‘ iron island’ . According to the Greek mythology , the powerful giants called Cyclops , the sons of Poseidon , inhabited the island , creating an early civilization due to the exploitation of these iron ores .

For further information about the island follow the link: http://www.serifosisland.gr/index_gr.php